Pivot a data array in excel

Hello! I would like to pivot data in excel in the manner shown below. I normally do this in another software (Tableau) but need a way to do it in excel as well.

Appreciate any help with this!

Original state of data set:

Location 1-Jun 2-Jun 3-Jun 4-Jun
Branch-A 1 2 3 4
Branch-B 5 6 7 8
Branch-C 9 10 11 12

Final (desired) state of data set:

Location Pivot Field Names Pivot Field Values
Branch-A 1-Jun 1
Branch-B 1-Jun 5
Branch-C 1-Jun 9
Branch-A 2-Jun 2
Branch-B 2-Jun 6
Branch-C 2-Jun 10
Branch-A 3-Jun 3
Branch-B 3-Jun 7
Branch-C 3-Jun 11
Branch-A 4-Jun 4
Branch-B 4-Jun 8
Branch-C 4-Jun 12


Faysal Taher

By: Faysal

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