How to return same value within series of identical titles but only 1 value among NA’s

Bear with me, the title was confusing, but the description will make sense…

My company sells essential oils with title x, and associated size, with different part number for each size. The part number is the same for all sizes within one title…i.e. Tea Tree essential oil – the sizes are 1 oz, 5 oz, 16 oz, 5 lb, 25 lb. **Not all titles have same amount of sizes, maybe one of them doesn’t have a 5 lb, etc. so it is somewhat random*

I returned a part number for ONLY the 16 oz for every single title, and have roughly 4 others to fill in and don’t want to copy and paste the part number for a given title for every other size.


A1: #N/A B1: Tea Tree Oil – 1 oz C1: (blank)

A2: #N/A B2: Tea Tree Oil – 16 oz C2: 15-0130-000

A3: #N/A B3: Tea Tree Oil – 5 lb C3: (blank)

A4: #N/A B4: Tea Tree Oil – 25 lb C4: (blank)

A5: #N/A B5: Tea Tree Oil – 50 lb C5: (blank)


Does anyone know how I can populate C1, C3:C5 through a formula without copying C2 and then pasting into C1:C5?

By: Steve

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