Fantasy Football Spreadsheet Help

I am trying to create a spreadsheet in excel that will give me the three highest ranked fantasy football players for each position left available in my draft. 

In tab one, I have a table for

#1 player, #2 player, #3 player

In tab two, I have three columns: player position rank, Player name, and availability (Y/N). If a player has been drafted I mark the availability with an N and leave the others with a Y. I would like to create a formula that updates my table in tab one to give me the best player available in #1 player, the second best available in #2 player, and the 3rd best available in #3 player. Example of tab 2:


rank     name     availability

1 Aaron Rodgers N

2 Tom Brady Y

3 Russell Wilson N

4 Deshaun Watson Y

5 Cam Newton Y

The formula should give me Tom Brady, Deshaun Watson, and Cam Newton in the tab one columns. What formula would I need to use for this?

By: Nicole

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