Complex data managing

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to figure out this.

I’ve a worksheet of 6 columns, a first one (NAMEPERSON) with the name of people that ordered me my products, the second one with the date of the order (DATEORDER) and from the third the amount ordered (ORDERCELL-1,ORDERCELL-2 etc…).

Since I’ve many products, one ORDERCELL can be empty.

I would like to create a new worksheet in which with a formula i could monitorate the hypothetical monthly selling out of my product by those who ordered.

What I need to do is “If ORDERCELL is full find the next ORDERCELL full with the same NAMEPERSON, sum the two value and divide by the two DATEORDER”.

Something i can drag whitout retype.

Is that something a formula can do or it is overcomplex? If so someone could help me to understand how to do it?


Thanks in advance to all who will read this



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