Axis formatting

i wonder if you can help please?

I have 3 columns of data charted against dates. The 1st column has values from 100 to 160, the 2nd has values from 50 to 100 and the 3rd has values from 40 to 70. When I plot them on a line chart, the primary vertical axis automaticaly takes values from 0 to 300. When I try to change the maximum value of the primary axis, the line for the first column data is OK but the lines for the 2nd and 3rd colums dissapear out of the top of the chart. Can you help me to format the primary axis to be 100 to 170?

By: Dave

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  1. Dave

    OK, I finally managed to work it out.
    I changed the chart type from Line to Combo, selected all data displays as Line and added a secondary axis!

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