Write logical test in excel

I don’t have much excel experience.i will appreciate if some one can help me with this code.
I have column of dates and related data in two columns and dates and data keep adding every day.data is like sine wave form.
I calculate slope of this data which If plotted looks like sine wave.
I want excel to write date and related data point only once when slope of data changes from negative to positive or visa versa.
How can I wire this to accomplish this in excel sheet not in VBA formula but in excel sheet.
When I write :
When slope turns positive write date and related value,it keeps writing date and related data till slope turns again.I only want that particular date and data to be written only once for that instance when slope changed and ignore latter values till slope changes again and write once again only one time that particular date and data once and ignore latter values and not write them till Next slope change.
How can I write that code?
By: Naem

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