Excel issue with schedule and handover page

thank you for this amazing website.

i need some help with excel issue , it might be easy from some but i couldn’t get it to work with me.

i work in a 24/7 dep i want excel to put whoever in the morning ,evening and night shift in a handover page automatically, i know i need to use macros , but i can’t figure out what is the code to put so it doesn’t repeat the same names as there is more than 1 person a each shift sample this is a sample of the schedule and handover page, i really appreciate your help

M= Morning E= Evening N=Night O= Off Days

so far i have tried to use the IF , AND & OR rule

=IF(B3=”m”,A3,IF(B4=”m”,A4,IF(B5=”M”,A5,IF(B6=”M”,A6,IF(B7=”M”,A7,IF(B8=”M”,A8,IF(B9=”M”,A9,” “)))))))

but i can not find a way to tell it to skip the names already selected


By: Houssam Eltouny

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