Adding sum from multiple cells in sheet 1 to corresponding cells in sheet 2

 I am making a budgeting book that will work for my needs and budget to work with my business, So far, it is set up as follows;

SHEET 1 – Record a payment (This will be an ever changing log with no permanent changes each time it is used )

I enter a payment (or total from multiple payments) on this sheet, and it breaks down the amount across multiple cells to show a predetermined percentage for the different expenses I have.

EXAMPLE: if I get a $100 payment and add it to Cell C2, Excel calculates the break down (allocation of funds) to the different expense categories I have (Operations, insurance, vehicle expenses, equipment expenses, etc.)

SHEET 2 – Budget (This will have the permanent changes from every recorded payment with changes that would pertain to spending money)

I want this sheet to be an active budget. it will show the total balance of an account with a running break down of expenses (Same expenses as in SHEET 1), however, I want it to update the total sums of each Expense category using the numbers from SHEET 1

EXAMPLE: If i add the $100 payment (from the first example) to SHEET 1, Then on SHEET 2, each expense category is updated with the total from SHEET 1.

So my question is this; is there a formula where I can add a button (or some similar function) to SHEET 1 where I can click it and excel will add the category totals from SHEET 1 to their corresponding totals on SHEET 2 and keep that number on SHEET 2 a permanent entry (so it doesn’t clear out or reset once I clear SHEET 1?


am I trying to do something that someone else has already set up and are willing to share?

By: Shawn Hood

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