Show data as a score in pivot table

Hi, I am using a pivot table to summarize the results I get while playing matches of a game. My input is 1 line per match and I have a win column, I put when I loose and 1 when I win and I have win percetanges on my pivot table, which is nice but I am missing the oportunity to show those as a relation of wins and losses. For example, I won 3 out of my 5 first games and my pivot shows 3 wins and a 60% winrate but I would like to know if it would be possible to have it show as “3-2”


Right now, what I do is use the adyacent column to concatenate information and generate it but I would like this to be a part of my pivot table so I don’t have to treat it sepparately.


By: Damien

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