Odometer to date and time.

Sorry if this confuses you but i will do my best to lay it out there. 

At work we use a chronometer or odmeter to record the hours the machine is running. Our current way to know when things are completed is to check the chronotime the object went in to the machine to the time on the counter. What I am trying to do is create a formula that will allow me to know the exact time and date that unit is coming out. some examples i’ve though of is

it is 6/23/18 @ 12:00 midnight

0.1 = 6 mins 

1.0 = 1 hr 

24.0 would equal 1 day (or 6/24/2018) @ 12:00 AM

96.0 = 6/27/18 12:00 AM and so on. 

I would like to be able to input the chrono time in block “A” and get an exact date and time it is to be removed in Block “B”. I am not very Excel savvy so any help would be much appreciated.

By: Kevin Ford

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