Matching cells that contain a text that is found within a certain criteria

So I have a data set of lets say (for confidential purposes) doctor offices, the set looks like this;


1 Office Info 1 info 2 District Manager (DM)

2 301 blah blaH

3 301 blah blah

4 302 blah blah

5 302 blah blah

6 302 blah blah

7 303…..

(so pretty much every office # is repeated in several or more rows because each of them have different “info”) 

Anyways…. I also have a set of lets say, District Manager names and the range of offices they oversee. This is an example since this is confidential information and therefore i can not give exact data. That set of DM names looks like this;

Alan Smith (DM): Office’s 301 – 330

Jared Tall (DM): Office’s 331 – 360

Matt Burnet (DM): Office’s 361 – 380

and so on and so forth… Now, what i want excel to do is to match the office # in each row with the appropriate DM. In other words, i want cell D2 to populate with the district managers name that oversees the office number found in cell A2… And do so for the entire column D. 

So, cell D2 would be “Alan Smith” since cell A2 is “301” which falls in the range of offices Alan Amith oversees. I know im oversimplifying this and there’s probably an easy formula to exectue what i want, but please explain your answer in laymans terms since I am not an excel expert. This would obviously save me a ton of time so that i dont have to input the DM’s name for each row… Thank you!!

By: matthew kozak

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