Macro/Looping in VBA ?!

In one tab I have information, where I have made it output the information on a second tab (It’s more in depth than this but I tried making this as simple as possible)


I want to make another file where every time that [1] is saved, the information from Tab 2 of [1] stacks up in [2] below:


I’m guessing this is Macro based, but I am not sure how to do so.

To clarify, the first time someone saves data to Tab 1 in [1] it’s output is sent to Tab 2 in [1]. Then I want that data to be saved to the new file, [2], as X Y Z. The next time someone saves the data in [1], I want it to pop up in the new file [2] as A B C. So every time the file is saved, new data forms on the new file, [2].

Thank you in advance.

By: Vincent Antonelli

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