I want to type initials in a cell and have it generate the first name in a different cell, from a custom list

I hope the title makes sense, I don’t know enough about Excel to even be sure I’m phrasing it right. I’ve had difficulty searching because I’m not even sure how to ask it right.


I’ve just started last week at a job that uses Excel  for various things, largely simple tasks. I’m trying to generate a certified mailing label template for some of the clerical ladies, but they are terrible about figuring out how to scroll down to the next page to change things, so my goal is to make it so that they can write initials at the top of the page where they input data changes, and it will generate the name of whose those initials are in the PostScript of the mailer label, withouthaving to scroll down.


I have found lots of information on changing colors and formulas but everything seems to be exclusively for numbers for that kind of thing so I’m trying to understand how I can make this work.


I read a little bit about IFIfunctions but I haven’t figured out how I would make it work with that, plus even if it’s nested we have more than seven workers and I guess it’ll only Nest seven functions in the iIFformula, so I guess that would have limited availability anyway!


I know I’m such a noob I don’t even know how to ask the question but I hope this makes some amount of sense and someone might be able to help me figure this out.


basically this is kind of what I’m thinking of, which is why I thought the IF function should work but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong:


If B2 is            Then D42 is

CK                    Chris

CW                   Christina

CT                    Christine

RW                   Rachel

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