Formula to analyze columns that have some of the same data.

I have data within an excel spreadsheet where the plant/mat field repeats, however the purchase order date and net order price do not repeat.  

I need to figure out a formula to determine if the purchase order date is older and the net order price is greater based on the same plant/mat.  For instance, material 273646 purchase order date of 7/10/2017 and net order price is greater than the 4/23/2018 and the 4/23//2018 order price


Material Plant Plant/Mat Purchase Order Date Net Order Price Currency Price Unit Order Price Unit
273646 1024 1024273646 7/10/2017 116.94000 USDN 1 EA
273646 1024 1024273646 4/23/2018 115.85960 USDN 1 EA
781173 1024 1024781173 7/10/2017 5.88820 USDN 1 EA
781173 1024 1024781173 4/23/2018 6.30037 USDN 1 EA

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