Format control to show data in charts

Hi guys,

I have 2 questions about a dashboard I am trying to create.!Aqg7XrqBo8Apgkv1pYU4FXb9MlXr

Firstly, I have setup format controls but not sure how/what I need to do for it to populate the corresponding data on any charts I have created.

For example, using the Dashboard tab, if I select ‘Q2’ (this means Quarter 2), how do I get my charts to pull data for Q2? The last chart for example would consist of: interviewer performance (so this is the ‘rating’ visible in cell G52 – Dashboard tab or column R on the Interviewer Data tab) and the Quarter. So I want to see Interviewert performance in Q2 (if I select Q2). Hope this makes sense?

Sorry I may have a missing piece here – but I would still appreciate any help with the steps I neeed to take as per my original query.

I have realised I have not input data to show different quarters on the interviewer data tab.

Would this be a problem? If I have the same interviewer listed 4 times (1 row per quarter) with different data? Or does this seem like the easiest way to work with this data?

Thank you.

By: Ray Rajani

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