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Hi Excel Geek,

had great help with your excel styles tool, very good!

Now have another frequent problem. Extensive workbook is shared among colleagues and very often returns with unintentional hyprelinks. Problem is, I cannot find them.

Standard method through search ang options  “choose format”does not work properly. I have spend over 30 minutes and not even half the workbook done. No links found yet.

also found a macro, but this crashes into complie error, sub or function not defined at the second

Sub Fetch_Links()
Dim aLinks As Variant  
aLinks = ActiveWorkbook.LinkSources(xlExcelLinks)  
If Not IsEmpty(aLinks) Then  
For i = 1 To UBound(aLinks)  
Cells(i, 1).Value = aLinks(i)  
Next i  
End If  
End Sub

Think many people must have same problem of locating hyperlinks in extensive workbooks. Do you have a solution?


Thanks in advance for your time.


Kind regards,





By: simon

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