Creating X number of groups from a list that sum to X number



I have a list of countries in A1 with their respective points in A2. Note that some of the point values in A2 repeat. 


Eastern United States    10

Ukraine     2

Brazil     0

Japan     8


I need a formula that allows me to create X number of groups that sum to Y value. For example: The game has 3 players, each player can recieve 95 points. I want 3 groups, they don’t necessarily have to have the same number of countries, but sum to those points. If I adust the game for 4 players, I want the points to adjust accordingly with the new list and sum accordingly. In addition, I want each of these groups to be random selections. In conclusion: X random groups that sum to a Y value.


One player may have 2 countries that sum to 95, while one other player may have 10. Thank you.

By: Adam

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