Cell limit exceeded onto new/next cell

Hello, i’m using excell 2013 if it makes a difference.

I could find a way around not being able to do this but here is what i was trying/hoping to do.
It’s regarding hours worked in a day in Australia, fulltime work hours are 38hours a week @ 7.6hours per day, after 7.6 its time and a half for the first 3 hours, then after 3 hours double time
I’m would like to input for example: 13hours into a cell for the day, then have that cell programed to automaticly input 7.6hours normal time, 3hour @1.5x normal time, then 2.4hour @2x normal time

keeping in mind if i was to input less then 7.6 hours for the day, like 6 hours, it will still input 6 hours into the next cell four normal time

another example or way of saying it: A1=8, then A2 will duplicate cell A1 but with a limit of 7.6, and if limit is exceeded, it’ll transfer the remaining over 7.6 to A3 with a limit of 3, then A3 with remaining over 3 to cell A4 with A4 having no limit 

By: John

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