Show percentage in cell question

Hi guys,


I have a spreadsheet that has a column of different percentage results and I am trying to show compound interest in another cell.


So say colum E has a different percentage in each cell. eg E1 has a value of 10, E2 has a value of 12, E3 has value of 5 etc all the way down. These values are percentages.


I want to enter a value into G1 and have that multiplied by the percentages in a compound order and the result displayed in column G(G2,G3,G4 and so on)


So if I enter a value of 100 into cell G1 I want my formula to look at E1 which has a value of 10. that means 10% of 100. Then I want to add it to G1 and display the result in G2. So G2 will be 110. And the formula will continue in a compound fashion. E2 has a value of 12 so 12% of 110 which is 13.20. G3 will be 123.20


so its compounding but the percentage changes each time.


Can anyone help me with this please

By: gordon

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