How to import Raw data and have the sheets linked to provide the answers

So this is slightly complex and it has been frustrating me for days now, lets see if I can explain this properly. I have to time gaps between vehicles and use stopwatch to get the data; it comes in, in time format.

I have Raw data that I copy and paste into a spreadsheet where another spreadsheet pulls it and then changes the colour of the cells to show where 0-5min, 5-10min, 10-15min etc up to 40min, as well it puts it into decmical format instead of time which is what I need. 

From here I am looking to put these 0-5, 5-10, 10-15 in columns on another sheet under the label, how do I do this? 

As well I have to calculate each column to equal the 300 seconds in each of the 5 minute intervals therefore the first cell and the last cell in each column needs a specific formula to calculate the end differences- if its 4:59:02 and the next gap does not occur until 5:03:01 I have to calculate the end of the first column so 5:00:00 – 4:59:02 = .98 and the other column will need a calculation for the second column 5:03:01-5:00:00= 3.01- so that the end sum of the column equals 300 seconds..

Does ANYONE have any clue how to help?!

By: Adrianna

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