Help With Roundup Function

Hi. I am trying to set a formula on excel 2010 using the “roundup” function, but seem to be doing something wrong, or maybe using to wrong formula. This will be used to calculate the number of screws needed for orders placed with us (metal roofing company). I have the formula set to calculate the amount of screws, but can’t seem to make it round up or round down. For example, if the # of screws needed is less than 375, round to 375. If the # of screws needed is more than 375, round to 500. I also have another cell calculating the number of bags the customer would need to purchase. I currently have that formula set to calculate the # of bags, based on the amount of screws needed, but I am having trouble getting that cell to round also. I need this cell to round to the nearest whole number, considering we do not sell partial bags of screws. Can you help me with this please?

By: April

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