Excel and Staff Roster

I inherited an unwieldy staff roster. The woman who created it made two manual versions meaning the same updates to staff have to be done manually on two different sheets. One sheet lists everyone by name, department, mail stop, phone. The other lists name, phone, employee job #, phone, department and foreign language spoken. It is displayed by department/unit.

If I put it all the data on one sheet, only certain fields would be extracted for the BY DEPARTMENT/UNIT sheet into a pretty format which is distributed to all the staff. I don’t know how to do that. I’m wondering if Excel is even the best program to use for this project. There are almost 500 employees so it is a daunting task I have to do monthly.

Any thoughts on how to streamline this process?

Should i ask my boss to get me software which would better handle this task?

If so, what?

By: Debbie

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