VBA 2016: open file, minimize, write to another file, filter

In my VBA.xlsm (2016) …

1. want to open 2 big data excel files (data1.xlsx and data2.xlsx) to read.

2. conside the speed, I want to minimise both of them.

3. after read data from data1.xlsx, it is not used anymore. so, I want to close it.

4. after process the real data in data2.xlsx all result are save into my_array(y, y) (it is big array as well.)

5. want to open a new output file (new_output.xlsx) to write my_array(x,y)

6. want to filter new_output.xlsx to some other sub-files.

my questions…

1. 2: I did it manally. HOW TO DO IT FROM MACRO?

3: Don’r know how to do it from macro.

4: OK.

5. Done. But it spent a long time (2 hr). How to improve the speed? (close data2.xlsx before write?)

6. I can do the filer function. But, don’t know how to FILTER OTHER FILE.


By: JJ Liaw

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