SUMIFS populate cell with value

I am using Windows 7 with Excel 2010. I need a to populate a cell in one worksheet with values from another worksheet using the following criteria.

This is for a employee training report.

Worksheet 1 will have a column for employee name. Also a row with task names. Below the task will be the achieved training level (X is for in training or a number value for the level achieved).

Work sheet 2 will be the individual employee report card. I would like to enter the employee name at the top of the report (in a single cell) and have the information from worksheet 1 for that employee only automatically populate the cells directly below the task name in worksheet 2. Again, so only that employees information is shown.

The formula for the cell below the task name in worksheet 2 will have to look for and match the employee name at the top of worksheet 2 with the employee name in the list on worksheet 1 and retrieve that data in that row matching the task name from both worksheets.

I don’t know what the best way (or any way) to do this is. Please help!!



By: John Nelson

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