Inventory Formula

I run a bar.

When I tally my inventory I have 5 columns : Opening Stock, Received Liquor, Sale, Cocktail Concumption, Closing.

While received liquor is always in absolute term e.g. 1 for 1 bottle etc.

‘Sale’ is peg wise (25 pegs to a bottle) but when I fill in sale of pegs it reduces the number by a 100 parts e.g. I have 2 bottles and 5 pegs have been consumed, opening – sale = 2 – .5 which should ideally be 1.20 as there are 25 pegs in a bottle, but it becomes 1.95. What formula can I use to turn a number into 25 parts instead of 100.

I.e. 1.26 = 2.1 | 2 – .15 = 1.10 etc.
By: Jkj

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