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I have a vba program in Excel 2016.  I am trying to set a variable by evaluating a Match Expression.  The code is not working.  In the expression I need to look at several cells in each record and find the first record number where all of the cells are not blank.

Here’s is the code in vba:

ws.Evaluate(“=MATCH((D:D)<>”” & (H:H)<>”” & (I:I)<>”” & (J:J)<>”” & (K:K)<>”” & (L:L)<>””,(D:D)&(H:H)&(I:I)&(J:J)&(K:K)&(L:L),FALSE)”)


Any insight would be appreciated.  I have several evaluations in my code that are working, but I cannot get the above to work.


Thank you.

Tina Morris


By: Tina Morris

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