Cells Format Before, During and After specific dates range

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I work at a Hospital and do administrative and clerical work there. We have doctors who come for special training to our hospital for different durations. Some of them come from 1 month, some for 2 months and some may come for more than 5 moths as well. The doctors come on training to specefied specialty/Units.

I require to prepare an excell sheet for the training record of doctors which have separate sheets of every specialty/unit. In a sheet there is data of the doctor like name, parent hospital (from where the doctor comes), date of starting of training at our hospital and then date of completion of training at our hospita.

What I need to have on the sheets is, that I want to have names/cells of dates highlighted/formated when training of any doctor is being undergone. I would prefer those cells to be highlited as Red ideally to know that this number of slots are occupied in this unit/specialty from this date to this date. Second thing I want in the sheet is that when training of any doctor completes (the date of completion is passed), I want the name/cell of date to be highlighted/formated as Green indicating that the slot is empty now.

I need this information because, we have limited slots for placement of doctors into units/specialties. This would let me know if how many slots are occupied, how many are vacant and from which date and till when.

By: Syed Fahad

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