Sum from 1 + 1 + 1 etc in same Cell


I would like a formula or format condition to have in cell A1 the number 1. Then when I type over number 1 again to appear number 2 (and in the formula line to be =1+1). Than when i type again number 1 in same cell to aplear no. 3 (and in the formula line to be =1+1+1) Than if I type lets say no 5 to appear no 8 (and in the formula line to be =1+1+1+5.

I need something like this because i have a list of persons and in 1 month interval they come and ask for cigarettes multiple time. So I would like to have an evidence that to person X I gave one time 1 carton of cigarettes and then I gave 3 more so in this month person X will have a total of 4 cartons.

At the moment I an doint i manually… first i type 1 and when person X is asking for 1 more carton i change the cell to =1+1, but i would like to have a way to do this automatically as a counter ans just overtype another number on the number that is already in the cell ans to add themselfs.

Thank you and I hope I explained it well.

By: Alex

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