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I’m running into the following problem, I’d like to split my text from one singel cell (split by comma’s) into multiple columns. I want to do this by using a formula. In principle this isn’t really difficult, but there are two problems:

– The text in the single cell which I want to split is a result of a vlookup formula and not hardcopy

– The amount of comma’s (and thus amount of columns I’d like to split my text into) varies per time and the formula needs to find this automatically. I’m not able to check this manually.


Example 1 (with 3 words):

|concentrationrisk, commoditiesrisk, currencyrisk |

Solution 1:

|concentrationrisk| |commoditiesrisk| |currencyrisk|


Example 2 (with 5 words):

|leveragerisk, liquidityrisk, concentrationrisk, commoditiesrisk, currencyrisk |

Solution 2:

|leveragerisk| |liquidityrisk| |concentrationrisk| |commoditiesrisk| |currencyrisk|

The words between the comma’s stays the same across all possibilities.


Thanks for the help

By: Jorrit

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