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I am attempting to build a formula where column M would fill based on the imput in column L and change based on a value entered in Column K. I want Column M to remain blank unless there is a date entered in Column L and be uninfluenced by a value in Column K alone.

Column M would fill in with the Friday within that same week of the date provided in Column L.

For that, I have used. =IF(L1<>””,L1+6-WEEKDAY(L1),””)

However, if there is any value entered in Column K, I would like an extra week added to the date in Column M. (The Friday of the next week)

For example, the top row below adds in the extra week whereas the second row only adds the Friday of that same week.

What formula could I use to add that condition based on a value entered in Column K?


Thank you!

By: Bradley

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