Delete Duplicates

Ive got data sorted like this (see below), if I select column by column and then go “Delete duplicates” then it works fine, however if I select multiple Columns….it doesnt delete them properly,

I have 12000 (yes twelve thousand) like columns to sort like this, 

Please any help is appreciated.  



RN55 935221 SP9516
SP9516 RN55 KB23 SP9516
SK42 RN55 KB23 SK42
SK42 RN55 KB23 SK42
SK42 RN55 KB23 AH47
SK42 RN55 KB23 AH47



I need the data to become like this: 


SP9516 RN55 935221 SP9516
SK42   KB23 SK42

By: Nikola

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