Daily Update, Auto Fill?



I am looking to create a report that pulls data from specific section on another report.

The report i want to make will have a new days worth of data added every day.


I want my finished report to be able to pull data from a total of 32 days worth of data (individual last 28 days, a combined Last week data, Combined 28 days data, Current Week To Date and Last week to date)

The issue i am having is being able to find away of populating the date for a section that needs updated daily, to then auto fill.


i have 2 possible ideas (but dont know how to do either)

have a seperate sheet with the last 28 days individual data, when i post a new set of data tomorrow, the 28th day one would remove (i could manually remove and move all other cells up{would that throw out the calculations for existing cells?})  or have a big sheet where i add new data daily, so afte 1 year there would be 365 pasted data parts.

I need the sheet to pull specific info from the individual days.


e.g.  Sales this week.   on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc.  Sales Last Week Monday, Tuesday etc.


Hope that makes some sore of sense?


Would really love to be able to talk with someone about this as i am really struggling


Thank you.



By: Fraser

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