Best Approach for Dynamic Charts (pivot table or OFFSET function?)

I have data we collect while drilling oil wells. It is based on depth, and then we plot a bunch of data such as geological grain sizes, sorting, tool data collected such as gamma counts, minerals and data on oil quallity. For the most part all this data is on one sheet in excel and the purpose of creating dynamic charts is so we dont constantly have to update the x axis (depth) and constantly update the source data for the charts. We usually only have to update the depth once per well but we have so many charts it would be nice if I could make this occur automatically. ie. if I could put the expected total depth of the well in one cell somewhere and it automatically updates all the x axis of all the charts. And then have the data we collect automatically plot as we add it to the worksheet.

Ive been playing around with both tables and offset function + ranges and have yet to figure out the best approach. Any advice would be appreciated.

By: Katie

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