Basic Count Average Bar Chart

I have a Workbook with 9 Sheets
Each Sheet has 4 columns of data:
Column A: Login (Time Stamp of User login)
Column B: User (Name)
Column C: Team (Department Name)
Column D: Week (Week Name ie. Week 1)

Each Sheet represents a department.
Can the below be obtained using a formula?
1. Total Number of Logins per user for a defined Week, separately for each department (worksheet name provides department name)
instructions on how to display in Bar Graph
2. Total Number of Logins by Department regardless of User Name by Week Name
instructions on how to display in Bar Graph and/or Pie Chart
3. Company Wide Data to show what departments have the most logins based on the average of the department head count.
instructions on how to display using a Bar Graph and Pie Chart, to show what department is in the system the most, but this does need to take into account the average headcount for the department.

By: Julie Lyman

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