How to unhide a range of cells instead of entire row?


I’ve created a timeline tool where the left side of the excel sheet is the internal inputs timeline and from there it spits out a summarized client version on the right. My current issue is that I have checkboxes that once clicked they unhide specific rows in my internal timeline. They are created as additional add ons to the timeline that aren’t always used. When one is clicked it unhides an entire row which therefore creates an additional empty row in my summarized client timeline which I’m trying to avoid. My quick fix for this was to just move my client timeline to the left and down 100 rows but my teammates who use this find it tricky to find the timeline rather than simply scrolling a little to the right to find it.




I’m looking for a solution where I can keep my VBA code for my checkboxes where I  can unhide and hide while also being able to place my client timeline directly to the right of it without it being adjusted by the unhidden rows. Ideally what I’m looking for is a way for the checkbox to be able to unhide specific cells instead of the entire row, like A21:T21 but if I’m correct this isn’t possible in excel? Please tell me I’m wrong! Otherwise does anyone know of a different solution to keep my addins and my client timeline to the right?




By: Laura

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