numbering in third coloumn

Hello, i’m using ms. Excel 2003

Right now, I have 2 coloumn which are filled with:

1st Col : Name of Hotels

2nd Col : Name of Rooms

now I want to put a third Col where number the room for each hotels.

Ex: I have 3 Hotels name (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) and each Hotels have a couple of rooms, Hotels Alpha have 3 Rooms (R1, R2, R3), Hotel Beta have 4 rooms (R1, R4, R5), and Hotel Gamma have 2 rooms (R1, and R5) now the result that I want on 3rd Col is: (per line)

Col1       Col2    Col3

Alpha       R1        1

Alpha       R2        2

Alpha       R3        3

Beta         R1        1

Beta         R4        2

Beta         R5        3

Gamma    R1        1

Gamma    R5        2

The reason there is same room name, in the example is because in some cases, some hotels have a same room name, but are a different hotels. The totals of line are about 8k line, so if i don’t use any formula it will take a lot of time to finish it.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

By: Andrea

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