Live mirroring of several sheets into a centralised book Excel 2013


I have a query about reflecting or mirroring live data from a range of books into one.

I manage a number of ‘intel logs’, books of spreadsheets with text (no formulas etc), for different organisations we monitor. To help with the oversight of these, each organisation’s book has a cover sheet. I’d like to have these cover sheets held in a centralised book for reference and sharing with management etc. Ie, a seperate file with one sheet per organisation (total of 10 sheets), which is mirroring the cover sheets from the seperate books. This would allow a person to have overview of all organsations, without opening 10 different books.

The centralised book would be for reference only, and ideally no changes or amendments would be made directly into it. All changes would be made to the individual books, wich would automatically update the corresponding sheet in the centralised book.

I’ve tried a few different suggestions onlinea with no success so far. Any tips?

By: Gabrielle

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