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Not sure what type of formula I need but I will try my best to describe the situation. On a risk matrix there are 6 levels of severity (numbered 1-6) and 6 levels of probability (numbered 1-6). On the spreadsheet there is a column called Severity and a cloumn called Probability. I currently use drop down menus to select the consequence and probability values. There is a 3rd column called Risk Level which contains the result of the consequence value and the probability value. I need to refer to the matrix to determine the correct risk level value (e.g. C2 + P4 = RL 3). It would be nice to have a formula that would automatically calculate the RL value but as you can see there are many variables that need to be accounted for.

These are the possible vaiables;

C1+P1=4, C1+P2=4, C1+P3=4, C1+P4=4, C1+P5=3,  C1+P6=3

C2+P1=4, C2+P2=4, C2+P3=4, C2+P4=3, C2+P5=3,  C2+P6=3

C3+P1=4, C3+P2=4, C3+P3=3, C3+P4=3, C3+P5=2,  C3+P6=2

C4+P1=3, C4+P2=3, C4+P3=3, C4+P4=2, C4+P5=1,  C4+P6=2

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