Extending a date formula so that it runs in sequence


I have entered the following formula;

=TEXT((A1),”ddd d mmm yyyy”)

This returns ‘Mon 18 Dec 2017’ in my chosen cell (G2 in this instance) because my date in cell A1 is 18/12/2017.

What I am trying to do is copy the forumla so that it runs in sequence, i.e. cell H2 will read ‘Tue 20 Dec 2017’ and so on up to ‘Sun 24 Dec 2017’ in cell M2

Ideally I would want this all to be driven from whatever date is in cell A1 so that when this date is changed, the dates for the rest of the week change too.

For example when i change cell A1 to 25/12/2017 my date in cell G2 will be Mon 25 Dec 2017 right through to Sun 31 Dec 2017 in cell M2

Please can someone advise how to do this if its possible?

By: Vanessa

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