Copy paste row into another sheet based on date threshold


I have an excel document with multiple worksheets.  Each worksheet represents an engineering project and the worksheet tracks tasks to be performed.  In column C of each worksheet is a “Due Date” for each row-by-row list of tasks.

I have created an additional worksheet called, “Upcoming Tasks.”  Rather than perusing through each worksheet to determine the tasks that are drawing near their due date, I would rather the macro search each worksheet, and copy an entire row (task) from said worksheet, if it is 5 days or less prior to the due date listed in column C for the respective task, and paste that row into the new “Upcoming Tasks” worksheet.

The “Upcoming Tasks” worksheet would have 1 or more tasks in it at all times.  If not, I would be very bored.  I would continue to update tasks and their due dates in the individual worksheets, but for a quick summary I could refer to the Upcoming Tasks worksheet to make sure I’m addressing the higher priority tasks (not specific to any individual project).



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