Calculating percentage over 100% negative

Hello all, I have tried searching but cant find the answer i am looking for.

I have a file that shows Machine Effencency as a Percentage. The final data that i want show, will have anything over 100% just as bad as anything under 100%. It means we didnt follow our schedule and now have made to many parts and could run out of material. This is just as bad as making not enough for my data.

I have A1 show how many we were supposed to make, and B1 show how much we made. If we were suppose to make 20 pallets, and we made 15, this would show in C1 75%. Now, if we were supposed to make 20 pallets, and we made 25, 5 more than we were suppose to, i would like C1 to also show 75% instead of 125%.

Is there a simple way of doing this without having to manually change the formula the times we make more?? I have over 30 parts a week i will be using this formal for.

thanks for the help.


By: Tom Jones

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