Timed message to activate Excel file

I am using Windows 7 but intend to upgrade to Windows 8 or 10 (still deciding).

I am using Microsoft Office 365 V1711 and within that Microsoft Excel 2016

I need to create a timer pop up reminder message to say, “Branch alert/s active”. I have several problems doing this, not least of which is inexperience.  The message box needs to


1.         Open daily at 1-hour intervals

2.         Play a .wav (Ta – dah) file when displayed.

3.         Have a button to close (NOT STOP) the message timer.

4.         Have a button to open a specific Excel file called “Branch Alerts” (which is a read only file).


All necessary files are stored on my D drive in a folder called Alerts


Is there anyone out there who is willing and able to assist with advice (other than “forget it”) or even better yet, detailed instructions as to how achieve this, PLEASE,


My thanks to one and all you are able to assist

By: Paul Young

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