rounding and fraction conversions

my commodity is bought/sold  in USD $0.0025 increments. 


My problem is two-fold.  If I round up all the data to the nearest quarter, it seems to also round  the even quarters: i.e. .0025 cents, .0050 cents, .0075 cents and .0000 dollar up as well.  I need those to stay as is . and NOT round up. 



$0.7265 rounds up correctly to $0.7275

$1.03443 rounds up correctly to $1.03450

$0.9650 SHOULD NOT ROUND!  But automatically goes to $0.9675


Then, just for some added fun, some customers like their quotes in fractions, some in decimals…..  that’s my rub – let me know if you have any ideas how to tweak instead of actually TYPING in each number for each customer EVERY week.  Let me know if you get any answers out there

By: kristen

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