I’m stuck on a formula, just can’t figure it out.


The formula is, Index( text, 0 (match(max(scores), scores, 0)


Now what this does is provide me with the category text of the max score. What I want it to do is provide that, but if the max is the same as one score, it will look at the max of what each category represents in percentages. For example:


Percentages: 20%, 10%, 15%, 15% 20%, 15%

Categores = Math, Reading, History, Algebra, Law, Art

Scores = 7, 7, 8, 8, 10, 10


When the original formula does is bring back the correct category based on the max of the scores. But it always starts from left to right. So if the if Art is worth 20%  and law is worth 15% respectively, but both have a score of 10, it will return the category starting from the left, ignoring the percentage.


So how do I do that formula, but have it where it looks at the max of the score, and THEN the max of the percentages that represent the categories?

By: Francisco

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