How to print below alphabets from formulaes

Hello guys i need your help, according to my attendence policy, a deduction shall be made for employee’s late of work. its an accumulative pointing system depending on the login time work starts as mention below, as per the policy; one point shall be recorded on every half an hour late until 9:00 am (after 9:00 am the employee will be considered as late to work) 


1. I get the employee’s daily sign in and sign out report through the attendence biometric machine.

2. I want to print in excel sheet with alphabet A,B,C,D,E,F

For example : its shown in below diagram, i request the dear ones to help me with the formula


A – 1 Hour Late (8:31 – 8:40)
B – 2 Hours Late (8:41 – 9:00)
C – 5 Hours Late (9:00 – 11:00)
E – Absent
D – Excuse 
F – Vacation

By: Mohammed Salman Qureshi

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