VBA How to export rows to workbooks based on specific cell value


I have a master workbook and 9 sub-workbooks (9 different persons’ name), and in the master workbook, there are more than 50000 rows of data that needed to be export to the sub-workbooks and new rows will pop up 5 times a day. I need a vba that can copy those rows to the subworkbooks based on specific values (9 different names) that appear in column K. 

For example: if “Alice” appears in column K, I need that whole row to be copied to the first empty row in that specific sub-workbook, and there are 9 different names in total. In addition, all 9 workbooks share the same password.

I really really need to have that perfect vba shortly……I have been really frustrated since I encountered this problem…can anyone please help??? Millions of thanks!!!

By: ethan

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