Excel Progress Bar with Conditional Formatting that Changes Color Based on Value


Basically….. or not so basically as it turns out, I would like create a progress bar in Excel to show the progression towards hitting an incentive sales credit award that will change color based on the % completed towards goal.

There are two thresholds:

1. At 80% of goal, Employees will receive the BASIC award payout (everything below 80% receives no award)

2. At 110% and above of goal, Employees will receive the BONUS award payout 

I want the progress bar to follow the below color scheme format:

<80% =  Red Bar

>=80%, <110% = Green Bar 

>=110% = Blue Bar 

I want this to be one single bar that changes color based on the % values in another cell 

The bar itself would chart progress from 0% to a maximum of 110% (since there will need to be a cap in order to show progress and I assume if the cell value is 150% the progress bar would be fully filled in?)

If the Employee is at 60% of goal, the bar should be RED

If the Employee is at 90% of goal the bar should be GREEN (Changes from Red to Green at 80%)

If the Employee is at 125% of goal the bar should be BLUE (Changes from Green to Blue at 110%)

Is there some way to make this possible? even if it involves VBA?

Thank you so much! I have tried multiple work-arounds but nothing yields results close enough to what I am looking for.

By: Lydia

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