count occurrences of every calendar day within several date ranges

lets say i have : start date 1 and end date 1 , start date 2 and end date 2 , start date 3 and end date 3. 


I want to know how many times the date of January 1 2018 occurs in all of the above.


So for example, if first row has start date January 1 2018 and end date January 4 2018

second row has stard date December 30 2017 and end date January 2 2018 

and  third row has start date January 2 2018 and end date January 3 2018


Then the count for January 1 2018 should show as 2 because it is repeated in row one and two. 

Question is how can we have a formula that automatically tells me the number of occurrences for each day of the calender within several rows of different date ranges? 


hope my question is clear

By: toni

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