Count items based on another column



I am trying to find an answer to this problem. I can see that there are answers to this on Google but I’m still finding it hard to understand and apply to my data.


My data shows how many orders clients have made over the last year.

In column A, cells are either labelled as CAD, HEL or PBN (client types)

In column C, cells can contain any number which is a count of how many orders that client has made.

I require a formula which can calculate how many CAD customers have made 1 order, how many have made 2-10 orders, etc.


This is what I’ve started with

=COUNTIF(A:A =”CAD”,C:C=”1″)

=COUNTIF(A:A =”CAD”,C:C=”>10<2″)


Please excuse my clear terribleness at excell – trying to learn.


Thanks in advance

By: Tilly

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