Adjusted Value Problem

I have 10 values. Each value has a percentage which is used to acquire it’s adjusted value. When you add together the adjusted value, it gives you a number I have. I am only missing the percentage that each value holds in accordance to the adjusted value. I have like 5 different sets of these 10 values which all posses the same percentages for adjusted value. How would I figure out the percentages for the adjusted value of all 10? And all the percentages are different. So one value may hold more weight to the total adjusted value.

For example the total adjusted value is 15 for set 1 and 20 for set 2.

Set 1 is as follows:
Set 2 is as follows:

The first number of each set has the same percentage and the second number of each set has the same percentage, etc.

If I had multiple sets like this could I determine the percentage for each value?

By: Alex

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